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Frequency painting

I was asked why I paint. "Because painting liberates!"

For me it is effective and wonderful therapy. I paint at night because I often can't sleep before I've brought my impressions of the day onto the canvas with paint. What arises there is unplanned and comes directly from the frequency. That's how I feel, that's what I called it. You only see what you already know or carry within yourself.

The expression through colors and the resulting effects leave my thoughts free space and my soul vibrate again, especially after challenging events, mostly in business.

I am all the more pleased when there are people who enjoy it.


Manuela Engel-Dahan


Everything is frequency.
Nothing really stands still,
nothing is actually solid.
Everything is nothing,
but nothing is not everything?
Is everything frequency?
Then what are colors?
Colors are frequency!
We are frequency!
We are all bright colors!


Frequency painting

Artistic expressions mostly on canvases - the digital world needs an analogue balance - artistic expression creates intellectual freedom and flatters the soul.

It all started in spring 2016. Bella Zeitz, my loyal assistant and soulmate for over 35 years, had the idea to take me to a zentangle course for one afternoon. “Don't even think about the company, that's good,” she said.


As a career changer, I ventured into the security industry in 2005. We developed pylocx, our globally patented locking system for critical infrastructure, and brought it to market. So that everything mixed up, it goes without saying that we then have to withstand the turbulence that has been caused and control it ... But that's another topic, now it's about frequency painting.

The afternoon with Zentangle probably exposed an artistic vein in me, of whose existence I neither knew nor suspected until that afternoon.
The experience that "(painting) mistakes" are exciting and creative was particularly dramatic. Until that afternoon, I found it difficult to excuse myself for alleged wrong decisions. It was there that I got started with my self-taught method of developing more compassion for myself every day.

But I didn't know that at the time, just wanted to paint beautiful, patterned cards like Bella had shown me before.

Then the shock at the beginning: no erasers allowed. I thought "How relaxed, now also this pressure to perform in my free time ..."

Zack, promptly, I had desecrated the filigree pattern, started too quickly, not waited for instructions, everything finally went too slow for me ... My goodness, these are just cards with patterns, do you need a course ... Then of course, don't pay attention , wrong lines drawn ... "I need a new card, it has to be thrown away!"

"But why, everything's fine, that's how it should be, you will see, in the end this line looks particularly good," the course instructor said to me ...

Well, the woman is really patient, I thought to myself, I won't win a flower pot with this thing ...

But the instructor turned out to be right. In the end everything looked very nice and I was delighted with my “skills”.

After that I painted almost every day for over a year and filled books with cards, thoughts and affirmations. Our relaxation phrase in the company, when you have the feeling that everything has conspired "Let it run, it will be fine ..." I don't know if he was born there ...

And then it happened, the cards were too small for me. I bought acrylic paints and started to “relieve” myself with paints at night. I spontaneously brought my thoughts and feelings onto painting pads and canvases with the help of colors. Always go before bed to free myself from the experiences of women entrepreneurs.

I have called my way of dealing with colors "frequency painting" and the collection of my works "vibrations of the spirit in color".

Thank you dear Bella. In addition to the great support that you are, you also opened the way to “frequency painting” for me.