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"Of water and wine"

In the summer of 2017, I did my first large painting on the garage door. A tree based on my zentangle inspirations. When asked whether that was successful and whether the result tended more towards Hundertwasser or kindergarten art, my husband replied "I think more of red wine".

That was no coincidence, because on this sunny evening I placed a glass of Primitivo from Apulia next to the colors. Oh, so a hundred red wine. And so the name was born. I don't know if I lacked the courage, in any case I signed my works with HRW. "Hundertrotwein" seemed too daring to me. My agency thinks the name is brilliant. So I take heart and after four years I stand by this deep red flash of inspiration.

Concept art artist

Manuela Engel-Dahan

The focus of your work is the exploration of the connections between romantic expressive art and radical contemporary art. In this area of ​​tension, the artist looks for 'your' thematic and emotional bracket, in which she formulates social models, especially existential cries for help, wrapped in poetry. Not infrequently she uses the language of the street for this; Sometimes the protesters are involved in the artistic concepts and are therefore part of the work of art themselves.

Manuela Engel-Dahan seeks closeness to people and nature. From them she draws what she herself describes as "free-spirited forest thoughts". These are not exclusively processed in the visual arts, a whole series is bundled in poetry and published in several volumes of poetry. Language, image, concept, in this sequence your art emerges, which is radically oriented towards the divine creed of creation, society, responsibility.

Manuela Engel-Dahan was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1962. Since 1984 she has been involved in the artistic implementation of emotional-political processes. Her focus is on the integration of people in need. In order to safeguard her artistic freedom, she set up a business enterprise at the same time. She has received many awards in this area.